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Nissan Leaf completed the UK’s longest and most complex autonomous journey

5th February, 2020/by tsc_admin

HumanDrive project in countdown to Grand Drive

A 30-month Autonomous Vehicle project led by Nissan's European Technical Centre will soon complete its primary aim – achieving the UK’s most complex journey with autonomous drive. Before the end of…
4th September, 2019/by tsc_admin

Advanced simulation tools supporting HumanDrive and wider CAV roll out

Software packages developed to deliver a highly accurate digital twin of the real world, and to merge and manage multiple simulation platforms
Both simulation tools being used by HumanDrive project…
2nd August, 2019/by tsc_admin

Traffic modelling reveals CAV potential

Over the last five years, the world has seen a revolution in R&D towards the implementation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). CAVs might be defined as vehicles without a human driver in…
14th November, 2018/by tsc_admin

CAV Cyber Security Framework

Vehicles have evolved to become increasingly connected with in-vehicle devices and external systems and infrastructure. Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) will soon begin to appear on our roads whilst…
20th August, 2018/by tsc_admin

BBC’s Law in Action experience

Cranfield University’s Multi-User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation (MUEAVI) provided the location for part of a recent Law in Action recording focused on the legal implications of connected…
11th April, 2018/by cygnus

HumanDrive Case Study

Successful completion of this project will take the UK one step closer to autonomous vehicles on the road, helping the UK government to fulfil its ambition of seeing fully driverless cars on the road by…
29th March, 2018/by cygnus

Autonomous Car Project seeks to emulate natural human driving in UK driving environment.

A 30-month Autonomous Vehicle project led by Nissan’s European Technical Centre, as a part of Renault-Nissan Alliance research activities, will culminate in the most complex journey yet attempted across…
29th March, 2018/by cygnus